Scam Alerts from Dyfed-Powys Police

Detective Constable Gareth Jordan from the Cyber Crime Unit at Dyfed-Powys Police HQ has alerted us to two current scams:


Computer Infection - Just Hang Up!

Criminals pretending to be from Microsoft, Norton and BT are trying to scam Dyfed-Powys residents.

If you receive a call saying your computer is infected or has serious errors, or your anti-virus needs updating, just hang up the phone. No genuine employee from Microsoft, Norton Anti-Virus or BT should ever phone you to tell you this.

These callers are criminals who will try gain your trust by making you think your computer has a problem. If you allow them access to your computer, you are at risk of having money taken from your bank account and your computer locked.

Don't engage in conversation with them

Put the phone down

Block the number they called from

Tell your friends and neighbours about this scam

Click here to view the 'Just Hang Up' leaflet


Gift Card Scam (email or text)

We have received a number of calls stating councillors are emailing constituents asking for Gift Cards to be purchased.  This is a scam, but some people are likely to believe it.

One such email is copied below; the recipient's name and email address have been removed but the sender’s email address (suspect) retained for information.  Some messages are going out as texts as well.

If you receive a similar email (or text) it is not genuine and should be deleted.  

Example of scam email:

From: Cllr. J.E. Jones <executivecouncil37@gmail.com>
Date: Tuesday, 25 August 2020, 08:40 +0100

Subject: Re: Sorry to bother you

XXX, I am in a conference meeting right now as I would be working till late midnight but need you to get me some gift cards. Could you pick a few iTunes gift cards for me, i tried purchasing online but no luck.

When I'm done with the meeting I will reimburse you.

Kind Regards,
Cllr. J.E. Jones


To report a suspicious call, email or text, please contact the Cyber Crime Unit:

DC357 Gareth Jordan
Cyber Crime Team, Dyfed-Powys Police
Police Headquarters, PO Box 99, Llangunnor, Carmarthen SA31 2PF
Telephone 101 or 01267 222020 ext 23972