Donations Policy

Supporting Local Groups and Projects

Each year, Carreghofa Community Council allocates a budget for donations to local projects and community groups. If you know of a project that would benefit from a donation, which you believe fulfils the criteria below, please apply: the budget is there to be spent!

Criteria for Donations

The Council will consider making donations that comply with the following guidelines:

  • The aim is to make awards that will benefit local village groups or to a voluntary or charitable organisation that provides services, facilities or recreation that will directly benefit local people.
  • ‘Local people’ are those living within the community of Carreghofa.
  • Donations should be made for specific projects and not for general running costs or maintenance. Donations for maintenance costs will be made only in exceptional circumstances and granted only on a non-recurring basis.
  • Donations will be compliant with the Council’s Standing Orders and made in accordance with the sound management of Council finances.

How to Apply

Applications for donations must be directed to the Clerk to the Council via the Contact Us page or the following address:

Michael Donkin, Hendre House, Llanfechain SY22 6XD Tel 01691 649933

  • The Council will consider requests for grants and donations. Requests will usually be discussed at the next Council meeting following the date of receipt.
  • The Council reserves the right to seek additional information in order to make an informed decision. This may include information on other sources of funding and the contribution from the organisation bidding for the donation.
  • Extraordinary requests will be considered on a yearly basis in January/February.
  • The Council reserves the right to refuse a request if it is deemed not to match the donations criteria.